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Our flat in Haga lies on one side of the

Rosenlund canal which zigzags its way

through to the heart Göteborg. Across the

water lies Fiskekyrkan, the covered fish

market intriguingly disguised as a church.

We became friendly with the stall holders

and began to talk about a book about the

market, its history and how it interacts with

the fishing trade on the West Coast of

Sweden. It was a totally absorbing project,

every day a delight, as we met fishermen,

traders, ice sellers, fish smokers, mussel

farmers and restaurateurs.

We interlaced the book with a collection of

Ingrid Eliasson's favourite fish recipes.

The book was published by Gullers and

won the Gourmand Book Design award for

Sweden in 2009.

Format: 194mm x 250mm

Extent: 160   pages

Published: September 2009